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January 2012

Having provided boreholes in both the rural villages of Shashe and Govere in rural Zimbabwe, Kujali approached St Theresa's Missionary Hospital with an offer to support orphans who had never had, or had lost the opportunity, to go to school.

Many orphans in these 2 villages are cared for by Grandparents who have little or no means of affording school fees. Other orphans are cared for by their older siblings. As a result, the orphans in this situation stop going to school and are left with little hope for the future.

The social workers at St Theresa's identified 23 children that were most needy in terms of school fee support - 12 Primary School children and 11 Secondary School children. In January 2012, all the selected children were taken back into school on the assurance that Kujali would raise funds to pay their school fees. The Schools that the children attend are reputable government schools in the area.

Every term, Kujali sends the school fees for the 23 children to St Theresa's who pay the schools directly. Receipts for all payments are sent back to the Trustees of Kujali for verification. At the end of every term, Kujali receives a school report for each sponsored child to monitor his/her progress. Secondary school children are encouraged to achieve an average of 50% or more across all subjects to secure continued sponsorship. Primary school children are sponsored up to the point of secondary school entrance exams.

The school fee support that Kujali is provided was very graciously received, and the children have since completed their school education.

School Fees for Zimbabwean Orphans: Text
School Fees for Zimbabwean Orphans: Pro Gallery
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