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Kujali has been supporting 34 needy children in the Msambweni village, Eastern Kenya with school fees and morning meals since January 2017. 

A very reliable local lady, Amina, is Kujali's first point of contact in Msambweni. Amina is very passionate about helping the villagers out of poverty in any way that she can. Amina and Kujali both believe that providing education to the children is the most effective way to help the villagers of Msambweni to help themselves, and eventually overcome poverty.

See more about Amina's story with Kujali below.

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The main obstacle to education in Msambweni Village is extreme poverty. After discussions with Amina, local villagers and Headteacher, Mr Chimwaga, about local education facilities, it was made clear that despite primary school being free for tuition, there are a few children unable to attend school because their parents cannot afford the compulsory uniforms, shoes & books. In addition, given the hardship faced by the parents, it is likely that the 34 children do not have sufficient nutrition each school day which invariably impacts their concentration and learning. The cost of covering these necessities is approximately KSH 3,000 per year (approx. £25), per child. Given the ages of the children, the support is required until December 2028, which would cover the entire primary education of the selected children.

As a result of very generous donations toward the Msambweni project, Kujali has funded uniforms, shoes, books and morning meals (breakfast and lunch) for all 34 children since 2017. The generosity of our donors extends over the full 11 year duration of this project! 

Kujali would like to thank Lela Book & Stationary (Diani Palm Beach) for discounting school uniform costs and Bata (Ukunda) for discounting shoe costs for the children. 

Kujali has been working very closely with Amina to manage this project since it started in January 2017.

Msambweni, Kenya: Text
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