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April 2008

Bala Orphanage is a well established, and very reliably run, children's centre based in South Western Kenya.

See the Bala website for more detail of the essential work that they do.​

One of Bala Orphanage's ambitions is to continue becoming more self sufficient, to minimise running costs and also to encourage its children to become independent adults by teaching them some of the practical skills required to provide for themselves in the future.

In April 2008, Anokhi and Jahnavi (Kujali trustees), then aged 9 and 11, completed a 9 day sponsored trek in Nepal to raise USD 2830 for Bala Orphanage. The money was used to purchase 1 acre of land. This land is still being used today to grow maize and many green vegetables that contribute towards feeding the 480 children at the centre. By cultivating the land, the children learn about good agricultural practice, as well as self sufficiency, which is very important in African rural life.

Land for Bala Orphanage, Kenya: Text
Land for Bala Orphanage, Kenya: Image
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