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Kujali supported 154 orphans through their final 2 years of Primary and Secondary education in Moshi, Tanzania.

Since then, 14 of the Secondary education students have gone on to further Vocational and University education and Kujali provides funding for their fees. We do so through our relationship with the Catholic Diocese of Moshi (CDOM). The students require a total of TZS 8,300,000 (approx. £3000) per year.

See more about Kujali's story with the CDOM below. 

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The Catholic Diocese of Moshi (CDOM) in Tanzania is situated between the towns of Arusha and Moshi on the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, with the head office in Moshi. The CDOM performs essential work for the communities in the area including the provision of hospitals, schools and HIV care and education. The Bishop and his team of priests run the CDOM with good charitable intentions, and have done so for many years. Bijou and Alka, Trustees of Kujali, have visited the CDOM and are familiar with the work being done and the dedicated staff that do it. 

In May 2014, the CDOM made a request for help from Kujali. A school fees project that was previously supported by CAFOD was withdrawn because CAFOD had decided to pull funding from 8 African countries, Tanzania being one of them. This withdrawal meant that 154 orphans who were going to Primary and Secondary school were left with no funding to complete their 2 final years of school. The 154 orphans required a total of £12000 for schools fees and school meals for the 2 year period. 

Kujali committed to supporting the 154 orphans with school fees and school meals for their final 2 years of school.  14 of these students have now moved on to University education or vocational training.  Kujali continues to fund these students to enable them to sustainably care for themselves and, in future, their communities.

Moshi, Tanzania: Text
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