Kujali has been supporting orphans and disabled children living in Gulu, Uganda since 2016. We do so through the help of Richard Ojok who formed 'Hope For African Disabled and Orphans' (HFADO) as a voluntary organisation dedicated to helping these children in the Gulu area attend school.

Kujali pays school fees for the selected children who are therefore able to attend local schools ranging from Primary School to University level. This is currently our largest project which involves the transfer of UGX 15,000,000 (approx. £3300) per term. 

See more about Richard's story and his relationship with Kujali below.


Richard Ojok lives in Gulu, a small town in Northern Uganda. He was orphaned as a child when his parents were murdered during the Ugandan civil war, which lasted for almost 25 years. Richard is also disabled and has limited use of his arms. After the death of his parents, he lived on the streets surviving on scraps left for him by passers by. His disability prevented him from obtaining any suitable work, which he searched for tirelessly. He was eventually rescued by a good samaritan who clothed, fed, and raised him into adulthood. Today, Richard is still in need but has devoted his life to helping others in need. He formed "Hope for African Disabled & Orphans" (HFADO) as a voluntary organisation dedicated to helping orphans and disabled children in the Gulu area attend school.

HFADO is based in Gulu, and is run by Richard Ojok and Joseph Okot. The Civil war left a severely disrupted infrastructure in Northern Uganda and many children orphaned. This lead to more than 400 orphans and disabled children registering with HFADO for financial aid to attend school. Extended families of the children manage to care for them by providing basic food and shelter. However, school fees remain beyond their reach due to poverty. Richard spends most of his time looking for help from charitable organisations to fund the education of children registered with HFADO. In this way, he introduced himself and HFADO to Kujali in early 2015.

Bijou Kalayil (Trustee of Kujali) visited Gulu in October 2016 to meet Richard and see first hand the work that HFADO does. After a long discussion and very successful meeting, Kujali agreed to fund 250 childrens' school fees from January 2017. The orphans were selected by Richard and Joseph based on financial need.

The children now attend local schools and Universities. This is Kujali's largest project to date. HFADO accounts for all money spent and Kujali monitors all transactions between them. Kujali has a personal and fruitful relationship with HFADO and Richard, and sees the young orphans of Gulu acquire an education that enables them to sustainably care for themselves and, in future, their communities.